Most Surprising Celebrity Transformations! (Men)

This morning, I was eating my breakfast and looking through some celebrity news and pictures when I came across this picture on Wonderwall

It was under the headline,“I am not a heartthrob!”  And normally I would agree with Mr. Efron but lately I’ve been noticing that he kinda is!  So thus began my idea to list the top 5 surprising celebrity transformations!

1. Zac Efron

When “High School Musical” came out, I was totally not feeling it!  I thought it was corny and so fake (I still kinda do) and I especially did not see why all these girls were so in love with Zac Efron who undoubtedly blew up after that movie was released.  But one day, he turned around and got fine, seemingly out of the blue!  I mean, just look at this before and after!  Talk about growing up!

2. Romeo Miller

I’ve talked about this transformation before but it definitely bears repeating!  Romeo Miller formerly known as “Lil Romeo” shocked everybody when he resurfaced in the media as this…grown sexy man!  I know for me, it was a definitely shock.  I never thought that this little kid from the movie “Honey” with Jessica Alba would turn out to look like THAT!

3. Shia LaBeouf

There once was a time, not too long ago where Shia was on top!  He was starring in action movies back to back from “Transformers” to “Disturbia“; and he had a swagg about him that made him appealing, at least to me.  Now fast-forward to just a few days ago, I come across this picture of him with the bushiest cave-man beard I have ever seen in my life and my heart dropped!  This transformation begs the question, “WHYYYYYY SHIIIAAAAA?”  All I can say is that I hope this look is for a great movie role!

4. 50 Cent

In 2010, for his emotional movie entitled, “All Things Fall Apart” (which I saw and enjoyed) 50 Cent dropped a dramatic amount of weight and posted pictures of himself on Twitter looking really emaciated and sick which is a shocking contrast to his normal muscular physique.  This was not only surprising for me but also scary!  But at the same time, I kind of respected him for doing something so brave for a movie role when he’s mostly known for his music.  It’s clear that he’s serious about craft!

5. Josh Peck

If you don’t know who this young man is, I’m gonna need you to stop what you’re doing right now, go to and type in “Drake & Josh” and watch as many episodes as you can so you can learn!  Josh was the funny fat kid while on the T.V. show and his weight loss was slowly documented throughout the seasons of the show but now-a-days, he’s looking pretty good!  No more baby fat for Josh and he’s taking on more serious adult roles to, what I assume, separate himself a bit from his Nickelodeon role.

Thanks for reading!  I hope you enjoyed! 🙂